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Towers are used to protect the base from enemies. Each tower is effective against different types of enemies. Some towers provide debuffs (slow, stun etc.) on enemies that can impact the effectiveness of other towers.

There are 16 types of towers:

Name Icon Features
The simplest and cheapest of all, fires at single targets, copes well with Regular enemies, but does not scale well.
Sniper Tower-sniper.png Has a large attack radius, inflicts huge damage and has a low attack speed. The Sniper tower needs extra time to aim at enemy. Copes well with single targets.
Cannon Tower-cannon.png Has a small radius of attack and a low rotation speed, fires explosive projectiles that inflict damage on multiple targets.
Freezing Tower-freezing.png Doesn’t damage enemies, but slows down enemies in its radius. Increases effectiveness of other towers.
Antiair Tower-air.png Can attack only flying enemies, but does good damage for its price.
Splash Tower-splash.png Fires a large number of projectiles in all directions, doesn't aim.
Blast Tower-blast.png Deals damage to all enemies within attack radius and stuns them.
Multishot Tower-multishot.png Shoots an arc of projectiles centered around the target.
Minigun Tower-minigun.png Has a large radius and an enormous attack speed, but only firing at one target. When attacking an enemy, the rate of fire accelerates.
Venom Tower-venom.png Deals initial damage and adds a poisoning effect to enemies that deals periodic damage over a period of a few seconds. Has very low velocity shells.
Tesla Tower-tesla.png Attacks enemies with discharges of electricity. Discharges chain across enemies nearby, dealing damage to multiple enemies at once.
Missile Tower-missile.png Fires missiles at a long distance with a low attack speed. Rockets explode and damage all nearby enemies. Once fired, the projectiles will seek out enemies at any distance.
Flamethrower Tower-flamethrower.png Fires a short distance, constantly inflicts damage to enemies in affected area and sets them on fire.
Laser Tower-laser.png Releases a beam that passes through the entire map and causes damage to first enemy hit.
Gauss Tower gauss.png Very unique and complicated tower. Fires a single, powerful shot that penetrates enemies.
Crusher Tower-crusher.png Grabs nearby enemies off the road and holds them for a few seconds, constantly dealing damage to them.

After passing the training levels, only the Basic and Sniper towers are available. The other towers can be unlocked with the completion of levels.

Experience level

Towers gain experience by dealing damage to enemies, destroying enemies, or automatically. When a certain amount of experience is reached, the level of the tower rises. The maximum level a tower can reach is 20, however it is limited to 4 at the beginning of the game and can be increased through research. However, in endless mode, the maximum level a tower can reach is 100 (through research).

Towers can gain experience every second but they must obtain them through research. The amount of exp gained per second depends on the current upgrade level of the tower which is Exp Rate = (Max EXP Rate as Level 10 / 10 * Tower current level).

The amount of experience earned can be increased by research or placing them on a Experience tile.

When built, All towers begin with Experience Level of 1 and Upgrade Level of 0. With research, the starting experience can be automatically raised (up to 4).

As experience level increases, the value of unique characteristics of the tower increases. At levels 11-20, tower also gets + 1% PWR which increases every non-unique characteristics value by 1% except Range.

Upgrade Level

Towers can be upgraded by paying coins by selecting a tower. By upgrading the tower, it increases the values of non-unique characteristics which they become stronger. As towers upgrade level increases, the cost to upgrade the tower becomes more expensive

By default, all towers can be upgraded up to 3 times and that can be increased to 10 times through research.

The coins cost to upgrade a tower can be decreased through Research which can be tower-based or in general.

Selling Towers

Towers can be sold at anytime if they are no longer needed. However only 50% of the gold spent on towers (building and upgrading) will be given back to the player if done so. This amount can be increased through research or placing it on a Sell Refund tile.

Towers can be sold at a full cost 13 seconds after built, this is indicated as a green sell button. However it will be lost if the tower attacks an enemy or has been upgraded which indicates a red sell button.

Tower Abilities

When the tower reaches levels 4 and 7, it can unlock one of the 3 abilities that significantly affect the effectiveness of tower (for example, in Basic Tower this can be attack speed, damage, or speed of rotation and shells).

When the tower reaches Level 10, they will automatically learn their 4th ability. This can be heard with a bling sound.

When the tower reaches Level 20, towers can unlock one of the two powerful abilities which is their unique ultimate ability or Powerful ability which multiplies PWR stat by 1.1x

Characteristics of towers

All types of towers have certain characteristics (Radius, Damage, Attack speed). In addition to usual characteristics, they have unique characteristics for their type (for example, the Sniper has the chance to inflict critical damage). Unique features are displayed in gold in the tower menu.

Many towers share these usual Characteristics but not limited to.

Damage - The damage dealt to the enemy on one attack. This can be increased/decreased depending on the enemy it attacks.

Range - The amount of tile distance at the towers location, the tower can attack enemies at

Projectile Speed - The speed of projectiles moving at (Tiles/second)

Rotation Speed- The speed at which the tower rotates to aim at the enemy (degree/second)

Attack Speed - The rate at which the tower fires. The amount of projectiles shot per second can be determined by 1/(attack speed). For example: 0.5/s means the tower attacks once every 2 seconds and 5/s means the tower attacks 5 times per second.

PWR (Power) - Increases all of the usual characteristics except Range by 1% for each 1% PWR.

All towers possess Unique Characteristics which varies between towers and can only be increased by increasing experience level.

Tower Targeting

Towers can change their targeting method through 6 different options. Each targeting option affects how the towers target their enemies. By default, the targeting method is First.

Once the tower detects an enemy, depending on the target method selected, the tower will rotate to its selected target within range and will focus on that enemy until the enemy leaves out of tower's attack range, is killed, or reaches the base in which the tower will then find a new target to attack.

First - Tower will target the enemy who is closer towards the base. If there are multiple paths, tower will target the enemy who has moved the furthest distance.

Last - Tower will target the enemy who is closer towards the enemy spawn. If there are multiple paths, tower will target the enemy who has moved the least distance.

Weakest -Tower will target the enemy who has the lowest health.

Strongest - Tower will target the enemy who has the highest health or the highest threat enemy such as Healer or Armored

Nearest - Tower will target the closest enemy within tower's range

Random - Tower will randomly select an enemy to target as.

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