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Stakey is the second boss appearing in the main campaign. Its appearance resembles a snake.

Its head initially has complete immunity to any damage. The damage reduction decreases as the player destroys more parts of its body. The level of head protection is displayed as a blue bar above it. If the head dies, all other parts of the body will die immediately. Upon reaching the base, the head deals 15 points of damage to it.

Parts of the body inflict 2 points of damage to the base each. Destroying any part (except the tail) will cause the boss to slow down as it piles back up. As soon as the interval between the parts of the body recovers, the boss will continue moving at full speed. The shorter the boss, the greater its speed.

The tail deals 5 points of damage to the base and has 50% more health than the body parts. When destroying the tail, the boss will not be slowed down.

Stakey's speed is determined by remaining body parts. It can go as slow as 0.5 t/s with all segments and as fast as 1.5 t/s with just the head, making it the fastest enemy in the game.


Defeating Stakey is notably more difficult than defeating Broot (Boss).pngBroot, due to its damage resistance mechanic. To win against it, it its recommended to focus on its body parts. Cannon (Tower).pngCannon is very effective at damaging multiple body parts, while Sniper (Tower).pngSniper can focus on the head. Setting the targeting to last is unadvised, as the tail is harder to kill and doesn't slow down the boss when destroyed. If available, Tesla (Tower).pngTesla and Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower perform exceptionally well. Stakey is immune to Venom (Tower).pngVenom's poison damage, making it a poor choice against this boss. Stakey cannot be stopped or slowed down by any towers or abilities. Like other bosses, it takes 90% less damage from abilities. Ability ball lightning.pngBall lightning's damage is further reduced by another 90%, resulting in a pathetic 1% of its normal damage output. On the contrary, Ability loic.pngLOIC deals 4x more damage to Stakey, which results in 40% of its normal damage output.

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