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For each time you play a level, you earn a score based on various factors (explained below).  Scores are the basis of numerous types of rewards, including end-of-game Green papers, score-based level quests, and leaderboard ranking (I.e. seasonal or daily quest ranking rewards).  To prevent leaderboard cheating, a validation server receives a full account of all player actions taken during a game, and completely replays each game submitted, skipping any impossible/invalid actions, to assign leaderboard score. Only the player's highest verified score for each level will be retained in the associated leaderboard, and all scores in story leaderboards will be wiped at the end of each season .


The number of Green Papers you earn for completing each level is 4% of the score you get.

Score calculation

Score is earned through the following activities:

  • Killing enemies.
    • The amount varies depending on the enemy.
  • Mining resources
    • 10 for Resource-Scalar.png Scalar
    • 15 for Resource-Vector.png Vector
    • 20 for Resource-Matrix.png Matrix
    • 25 for Resource-Tensor.png Tensor
    • 30 for Resource-Infiar.png Infiar
  • Calling waves early
    • Up to 50 times the coin bonus (will usually be slightly less than this, as the integer coin bonus is actually a rounded value from another underlying variable; and it is that underlying value that is used when multiplying for score).
    • The coin bonus goes up for each enemy killed, but goes down with time. To maximize this, you need to call the next wave at the right point, and not too early.
    • Miners will mine at double speed for the same number of seconds you call a wave early (this bonus time can be added to over multiple waves if not depleted).
  • Earning coins
    • 0.1 points for each coin.
    • During the game, this is shown next to the score as a small +X.
    • Coins obtained by selling things will not count.
  • Wave clearing
    • When all enemies of the current wave are defeated with no leaks, a bonus is granted based on the wave number.
    • At wave 1, this value is 50, and it increases by 25 points at each wave that is a multiple of 10 (ie 75 points total starting at wave 10, 150 points total starting at wave 40).
    • Enemies remaining from prior waves are not taken into account (e.g. you can defeat the available waves in any order without necessarily forfeiting the wave clear bonuses for any of them).

Score multiplier

Score earned for all of the above activities is also multiplied by a factor based on the difficulty of the portal.

  • 50 = x0.5
  • 75 = x0.75
  • 100 = x1
  • 300 = x1.5
  • 500 = x2
  • 750 = x2.62

So, for instance, on a map with a single 90% difficulty portal: each scalar mined will yield 36 points rather than 40, and calling a wave early will yield 45 points per coin rather than 50.

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