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Regular is the first enemy type introduced in Infinitode 2, appearing in almost every level throughout the game. As the very first enemy, it lacks any special effects and travels at an average speed.

Upon reaching the base, it deals 1 point of damage to it.


Given the wide variety of threats that are often present throughout each and every level, Regulars are often used as a breathing period between harder enemy types, or used in conjunction with those other types in order to provide bulk or take away priority for single-target towers.

Any tower that can hit in a large area often excels in defeating Regulars, with towers like Cannon, Tesla or Flamethrower providing good damage without reduced effectiveness. Multishot with Penetrating bullets also does well. While not very impactful early on, Venom can deal great damage to Regular enemies over time with its increased effectiveness, which helps tremendously in later waves. Crusher also excels at finishing weakened Regulars near the base.

Hardly any towers have reduced effectiveness against Regular enemies, which makes them quite easy to defeat. Nevertheless, it is unadvised to build a defense against them with single-target towers like Sniper or Minigun, as Regulars tend to come in dense groups. While Basic can handle them in early waves, its limited power and lack of area damage makes it fall behind relatively quickly.

Tower Effectiveness

Tower Damage
Basic (Tower).pngBasic 150%
Sniper (Tower).pngSniper 100%
Cannon (Tower).pngCannon 100%
Freezing (Tower).pngFreezing 100%
Antiair (Tower).pngAntiair 0%
Splash (Tower).pngSplash 0%
Blast (Tower).pngBlast 50%
Multishot (Tower).pngMultishot 100%
Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun 100%
Venom (Tower).pngVenom 150%
Tesla (Tower).pngTesla 100%
Missile (Tower).pngMissile 25%
Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower 100%
Laser (Tower).pngLaser 25%
Gauss (Tower).pngGauss 100%
Crusher (Tower).pngCrusher 150%


  • Regulars are present in every single level found within the main campaign except for 5.2 and 5.6.
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