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Music tiles can be used in Map Editor to add music tracks into custom maps. Only one music track tile can be placed on a map. Its soundtrack will start playing when player calls the first enemy wave, and will loop infinitely. Maps can also contain no music tiles at all, in which case player will hear the default main menu music while playing.

How to add music into custom map

Infinitode 2 has built in sound synthesizer and can play music in XM, MOD, and S3M formats, also known as modules. Each music tile contains a module compressed into ZIP archive and converted into Base64 string.

Modules can be edited in various track editors such as OpenMPT (recommended) or MilkyTracker. Note: Infinitode 2 uses no resampling for sharper sounds, use "No interpolation (1 tap)" in OpenMPT setting to hear how music sounds in Infinitode 2.

Steps to add music into custom map:

  1. Find or compose XM / MOD / S3M music track and save it as regular .xm / .mod / .s3m file.
    You can also convert it with OpenMPT from other modules, such as .it, but it may result in a loss of certain sound effects. Do not convert standard audio formats (MP3, WAV, etc.) to modules: the file will reach a humongous size (up to a few gigabytes) and will not work. Put music title into regular title field, sound instrument names are used as a description (will be displayed in notification when music starts playing).
  2. Put your .xm file into ZIP archive.
    • Windows:  right click on .xm file -> send to -> compressed zip folder
    • MacOS: right click on .xm file -> compress items
    • Linux: 
      $ zip filename.xm
    • Android: Usually requires a file manager app, such as Total Commander. Click on the track's icon to mark it, then click on the ZIP icon to send the module to a ZIP archive.
  3. Convert newly created .zip file into Base64 string (online services can be used for this purpose, but the results may vary, depending on the device used), copy Base64 string somewhere, you'll need it later.
  4. Get "Music track" tile (can be won in each game or found in item packs) and place it on your map.
  5. Paste Base64 string from step 3 into "Track data" field. If you did everything right, the title and instruments should display on the tile's menu. If something went wrong, the pasted string will not be saved.

Note that some devices are unable to copy very long strings of text, so you may have to paste the base64 string bit by bit. The game also has a hard limit of 192 000 characters allowed in the music tile's text field.

Modules below 100 KB should not cause any issues. Modules over 300 KB may freeze your game on weaker devices.

Music tracks featured in any official level (Storyline levels and daily challenges) can also be copied by tapping at the music tile, selecting "Copy from level" box, and then choosing the level track. Game will then paste the Base64 string of the track automatically for you.

Where is the in-game music track editor?

Music track editor and sound sequencer were removed from the game with Beta 54 version of the game. They were using a different sound system (MIDI) which was also removed due to bad sound quality on mobile devices, inconsistency across platforms, and lack of many useful features (such as custom sound samples and instruments that are present in XM music format). 

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