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Metaphor is the 5th boss that is introduced in Levels 5.8. It is currently the final boss in the Infinitode 2 Storyline.


Metaphor moves at a speed of 0.48 t/s, slightly faster than Broot (Boss).pngBroot. It has an aura that will disable all towers within 1 tile radius. In addition, Metaphor will also disable the 3 strongest active towers (based off Tower Upgrade Level / Experience Level), regardless of range, with every 25% of its health lost. Those 3 towers will remain disabled until Metaphor dies.

While disabled (which is indicated by the white glitch-like effect), towers are unable to attack. If a Freezing tower is disabled, it will not apply its freezing effects. While disabled, the towers cannot be sold.

Metaphor will also spawn smaller gray spiders along its path. They differ from one another vastly, but all serve the purpose of diverting attention from the boss.

Metaphor is the only boss that cannot be healed by Healer.pngHealer.

Metaphor deals 100 points of damage to the base, which usually ends the game immediately.


Since Metaphor can disable nearby towers, it is recommended to use those that can target the boss from far away, such as Sniper (Tower).pngSniper (preferably) or Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun. It is also important to keep as many towers as possible at least 2 tiles away from the road.

Against Metaphor, building more towers is usually better than upgrading existing ones. Not upgrading the single-target towers too much can prevent Metaphor from disabling them when losing health.

Like other bosses, it takes 90% less damage from abilities. Metaphor is the only boss without additional resistance against Ability ball lightning.pngBall lightning, making this ability great for quickly burning through its HP. If Metaphor is the only (or one of the few) enemy on the map, Ability-Thunder.pngThunder can be used to deal great damage to it, since all lightning strikes will hit the boss.

Ability-Blizzard.pngBlizzard and Ability-Windstorm.pngWindstorm have no effect on Metaphor.


  • When Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower gets disabled, it will appear to still be firing, but will not actually deal any damage.
  • When Laser (Tower).pngLaser gets disabled while firing, the beam will last for its remaining duration and keep dealing damage.


  • If Metaphor receives damage fast enough in 5.8, Advinas's dialogue will mess up, resulting in non-sensible statements.
  • If a tower is disabled due to Metaphor's health being lowered, it will re-enable if Metaphor walks away after being 1 tile away from it.
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