Infinitode 2 Wiki

When you choose a level, you'll see a window like this one displayed:


1 -The number of stars earned per level. Stars are given for defeating the waves or completing quests; in the case of waves, the required number of them is written on the star.

2 - Your personal records of defeated waves and score.

3 - The ratio of resources in the tiles of the Sources at the selected level. The colour of the segment indicates the type of resource, while the black part of the segment pertains to how much less than full 100% density the Sources have.

4 - Energy level. One charge of energy is used every time a player completes a game at a level and has gained at least one resource through mining. Energy is restored with time or by using accelerators when a level's energy has fully depleted. When playing a level without energy charges, the player will not be able to extract resources. As of update 1.7.13, energy has been removed from the game due to the introduction of the Gauss tower.

5 - Level name.

6 - Maximum defeated wave shown in progress bar.

7 - Check-points of waves of enemies. Player will receive prizes for the achievement of the check-point (displayed as icons under the number of the wave). Passed check-points are displayed in colour.

8 - Types of enemies that can appear from Portals on this level. Not pictured due to more recent updates: a Waves button appearing on the right side can be pressed to see a dialog display of the enemy types/densities for the first 100 waves.

9 - List of quests. Each item in the list contains the condition of the goal, the icons of awards for its finish, the current and required number of points in accordance with the condition. There are two types of quests - those that need to be completed in one game and those that can be completed by accumulating progress over multiple games. Completed quests are displayed on a green background, and you can click on the prize icons for details.


  • Energy level used to be a feature in the game, but has been removed since update 1.7.13
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