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Welcome to Infinitode 2 Wiki!

"Every game in this Tower Defense strategy game (TD) is endless - stand against infinite number of enemy waves for as long as you can!"

Infinitode 2 - Tower Defense game made by Vadym Sakhno (therainycat).

This wiki covers the gameplay and strategical aspects of the game known as Infinitode 2, a tower defense game that can go on indefinitely! Here you can find information about:

Enemies - will try to destroy your base.

Towers - can prevent enemies from reaching your base.

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Use this wiki as a great source of information to aid your gameplay experience!

If you are an experienced player and wish to fully optimize your gameplay, check out the Compendium - the greatest source of advanced knowledge, gathered by the best of Infinitode 2 players!

Towers Basic (Tower).png Basic · Sniper (Tower).png Sniper · Cannon (Tower).png Cannon · Freezing (Tower).png Freezing · Antiair (Tower).png Antiair · Splash (Tower).png Splash · Blast (Tower).png Blast · Multishot (Tower).png Multishot · Minigun (Tower).png Minigun · Venom (Tower).png Venom · Tesla (Tower).png Tesla · Missile (Tower).png Missile · Flamethrower (Tower).png Flamethrower · Laser (Tower).png Laser · Gauss (Tower).png Gauss · Crusher (Tower).png Crusher
Enemies Regular.png Regular · Fast.png Fast · Strong.png Strong · Heli.png Heli · Jet.png Jet · Armored.png Armored · Healer.png Healer · Toxic.png Toxic · Icy.png Icy · Fighter.png Fighter · Light.png Light
Bosses Broot (Boss).png Broot · Boss stakey.png Stakey · Constructor (Boss).png Constructor · Mobchain (Boss).png Mobchain · Metaphor (Boss).png Metaphor
Maps Icon-edit.png Custom maps · Res skillpoint colored.png Daily quests · Miner-Scalar.png Miners · Tile-icon-music-track.png Music · Mod Damage.png Modifiers
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