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Icy is an enemy type in Infinitode 2, having a unique shield mechanic to resist against general damage as well as gain immunity to the slowing effects of the Freezing and Blast towers.

Upon reaching the base, it has a 50% chance to deal 1 point of damage to it.


The role of Icy is an odd one, comparable to that of the Strong, where it can be seen as a high HP threat that often comes in greater density than the Strong enemies do, on top of different tower effectiveness. It accomplishes this bulk by using shields, which is equivalent of 25% the Icy's health pool.

The shield itself has very interesting qualities, where it reduces damage from direct hits by 80%, absorbing a large proportion of the damage by attacks from towers like Basic, Sniper, Multishot and other "bullet"-type attacks. It also makes Icy immune to all movement-impairing effects, which includes freezing, stun, blizzard and throwback. After enough damage is sustained, the shield is knocked down, which allows bullet towers to deal normal damage to Icy. The enemy also becomes vulnerable to crowd control, but Freezing tower will only apply 50% of its freezing percent. Flamethrower's Cold fire and Napalm are unhindered.

Area-of-Effect towers on the other hand are punished far less severely than those with pellets and bullets, damaging both the shield and Icy's health pool at once. This makes Cannon, Missile and Flamethrower towers very suitable candidates for taking out a large wave of Icy, as well as having a provided 50% damage bonus overall. Icy also takes 50% more damage from all burn effects, including Fireball (initial explosion not affected) and Firestorm abilities, as well as Flamethrower's burn and Minigun's Hot bullets.

Tower Effectiveness

Tower Damage
Tower-basic.pngBasic 50%
Tower-sniper.pngSniper 25%
Tower-cannon.pngCannon 150%
Tower-freezing.pngFreezing 50%
Tower-air.pngAntiair 0%
Tower-splash.pngSplash 150%
Tower-blast.pngBlast 25%
Tower-multishot.pngMultishot 100%
Tower-minigun.pngMinigun 25%
Tower-venom.pngVenom 50%
Tower-tesla.pngTesla 25%
Tower-missile.pngMissile 150%
Tower-flamethrower.pngFlamethrower 150%
Tower-laser.pngLaser 0%
Gauss (Tower).pngGauss 100%
Crusher (Tower).pngCrusher 50%
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