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Heli is an enemy type found in Infinitode 2, posing as an enemy that flies through the air and can only be damaged or targeted by a select few towers in the player's arsenal.


A wave of Helis can be one of the most difficult threats to encounter in the game, due to the enemy's general gimmick of requiring specialized towers to be purchased or with selected abilities which enable attacking air enemies.

The primary counter to flying enemies such as the Heli is the Antiair tower, which has benefits of the highest single target damage against Helis and cheap cost. While it takes up space without contributing to the fight in any other wave type, it inflicts burn effect, which deals additional damage and slows down Helis by 40%.

Freezing, Splash, Minigun, Tesla and Laser can also target and/or damage Helis, but are all quite costly. Regardless, they trade off cost for a more active role in general gameplay, as well as having better potential damage or even area of effect. Multishot and Missile also have Abilities which enable them to target and damage Helis, which can be considered if few other options to fighting Helis are not introduced.

This still leaves a large proportion of towers unable to deal with Helis, and fewer still that can do so competently without damage penalties to consider. As such, comprising a defense with at least one Tesla or Minigun can easily take out early waves of Helis, even when not upgraded and placed effectively.

Tower Effectiveness

Tower Damage
Basic (Tower).pngBasic 0%
Sniper (Tower).pngSniper 0%
Cannon (Tower).pngCannon 0%
Freezing (Tower).pngFreezing 100%
Antiair (Tower).pngAntiair 150%
Splash (Tower).pngSplash 50%
Blast (Tower).pngBlast 0%
Multishot (Tower).pngMultishot 50%
Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun 100%
Venom (Tower).pngVenom 0%
Tesla (Tower).pngTesla 50%
Missile (Tower).pngMissile 100%
Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower 0%
Laser (Tower).pngLaser 50%
Gauss (Tower).pngGauss 0%
Crusher (Tower).pngCrusher 0%

Advinas Dialogue


Advinas: On this level you'll meet flying [Heli] enemies: they can't be hit with towers you own so far.
Advinas: To deal with them, use your new Antiair tower, but remember that it can't reach other types of enemies.
Advinas Flying enemies usually don't appear in the first waves, so you'll have some time to build defense against other enemy types
Advinas: Also remember that you can use the Portal's menu to see when particular types of enemies will appear.


  • Antiair is the only tower that the Heli enemy is weak to.
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