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Healer is an enemy type found in Infinitode 2, acting as a support-style enemy which assists other enemies travel along the map by gradually healing nearby allies.


True to its name, Healers have an aura of regeneration, similar to the shielding aura found on Armored. When a damaged enemy is present inside this radius, they will regain at least 5% of their max health per second and 5% of the Healer's max health at most. This makes longer maps problematic, as an unguarded long stretch can see a group of enemies assisted by a few Healers heal off any damage they had taken in previous defensive sections.

For itself, Healers have several key resistances and vulnerabilities, which help to weed themselves out of a crowd and punish low damage, area of effect towers. Minigun is granted a good 50% increased damage, allowing it to focus fire and quickly obliterate one Healer at a time. Laser also shares this 50% damage bonus, dealing increased damage to the Healer itself as well as dealing with nearby enemies caught in its line of fire. Healers are also unable to heal themselves or other Healers.

In contrast to the benefiting towers, Splash, Blast, and Multishot all suffer from damage penalties, with Multishot suffering the most with a full 75% damage reduction towards Healers themselves. Worse still is the Healer's complete immunity to Flamethrower, whose damage over time and spread damage to surrounding enemies is most easily countered by a Healer's healing aura, effectively reducing a Flamethrower's work on a group of enemies. Healer's immunity to Flamethrower also translates to immunity to all burn damage, which includes Fireball (initial explosion still deals damage) and Firestorm abilities, as well as Minigun's Hot bullets.

Tower Effectiveness

Tower Damage
Basic (Tower).pngBasic 25%
Sniper (Tower).pngSniper 100%
Cannon (Tower).pngCannon 100%
Freezing (Tower).pngFreezing 100%
Antiair (Tower).pngAntiair 0%
Splash (Tower).pngSplash 50%
Blast (Tower).pngBlast 50%
Multishot (Tower).pngMultishot 25%
Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun 150%
Venom (Tower).pngVenom 100%
Tesla (Tower).pngTesla 100%
Missile (Tower).pngMissile 100%
Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower 0%
Laser (Tower).pngLaser 150%
Gauss (Tower).pngGauss 50%
Crusher (Tower).pngCrusher 100%
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