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The main buttons and symbols on the screen:

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1 - Opens the pause menu in which you can restart the game, end the game or go to the main menu;

2 - Button to toggle detailed map display mode, showing you tile bonuses, building improvement levels, aiming modes, etc.

3 - Number of the current wave of enemies

4 - Number of lives of the base (a game is lost if enough enemies reach the base)

5 - Number of coins (can be earned primarily by exterminating enemies or by using "Bounty" modifiers; and can be spent on new buildings and their improvement)

6 - Score

7 - List of quests. You can click on the title to maximize / minimize.

8 - Abilities buttons (you need to play through the game a little so that they appear). Skills can be selected before starting the game when choosing a level. It is indicated near each skill how many times it can still be used for this game. When you click first on the skill, you will see a tooltip, then you need to select a point on the map where it should be applied. If you click on the skill icon again, the application will be canceled. Skills have a cooldown after each use, and the icon becomes darker and shows a countdown of time remaining until that skill can be used again during the current game.

9 - Button to call next wave of enemies immediately. In doing so, you will get the bonus marked in coins.tButtonon is active from when the last enemy of the current wave spawns. Hold the button for a few seconds to set to "Auto", which calls the next wave as soon as all enemies from the current wave are destroyed (can be changed to call as early as possible in Settings). Auto-call is disabled when there are still enemies remaining from 3+ waves prior.

10 - Bonus coins for calling the next wave now. The maximum number of coins for the wave is multiplied by the proportion of enemies still alive, and by the proportion of the time left until the next wave is called. Until you kill the first enemy of a wave, you will get 0 coins, so on higher waves auto calling mode will not get you many coins. Calling the wave also scores 50 times this number in points (prorated by portal difficulty multiplier).

11 - Time before the next wave. Want interval can be increased through Research

12 - Game speed control button. It has 4 positions - paused, 1x, 2x and 3x. To pause, hold the button for a few seconds. During this pause, you can still interact with the game as normal (each action executed at this "zero speed" will progress time by a single 'frame'). The speed setting purely modifies how fast the game runs, nothing else is affected.

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