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Very unique and complicated tower. Fires a single, powerful shot that penetrates enemies.

Unique Characteristics

Gauss has Charging speed as its Unique Characteristic.

Charging speed reduces the time needed for the tower to charge its shot, once the required amount of resources has been loaded.

Leveling up the tower increases the Charging speed.


  • Gauss target enemies on its own. When it's fully reloaded by resources, it will recharge for a moment. And when fully charged, it will fire once an enemy crosses its line of fire.
  • Gauss do not rotate by its own and it needs the Player to do it manually.
  • Unlike any other tower, Gauss does not have the Range characteristic, making its actual range cover an entire map.
  • Gauss' ability to penetrate enemies is limited by its Damage characteristic. Each enemy killed reduces the shot's damage by its HP value, eventually making it too weak to kill another enemy.
  • Each resource gives different amount of charges, needed to prepare Gauss to fire, depending on its rarity:
    • Resource-Scalar.png Scalar = 1 charge per resource
    • Resource-Vector.png Vector = 1.25 charges per resource
    • Resource-Matrix.png Matrix = 1.5 charges per resource
    • Resource-Tensor.png Tensor = 1.75 charges per resource
    • Resource-Infiar.png Infiar = 2 charges per resource

Main characteristics

Attack speed
Crowd Damage


Rotation speed
Resource consumption
Charging speed

Gauss Tower Stats (not including research, PWR from XP Levels and Tile Bonuses)

Upgrade Level Damage Rotation speed Resource consumption Upgrade Cost
0 2200 4.0 8.0 220
1 3600 5.0 10.0 300
2 5600 6.0 11.0 480
3 11000 7.0 13.0 700
4 18000 8.0 15.0 1300
5 32000 9.0 15.0 2200
6 60000 10.0 17.0 3200
7 110000 11.0 20.0 4600
8 200000 12.0 23.0 7200
9 350000 13.0 27.0 12000
10 600000 14.0 32.0 n/a


Abilities Description
Nanoparticles Damage x2, doesn't kill enemies and leaves them at least 10% HP
Self improvement Burns 90% of received XP, gets +1% damage for every 5000XP burnt
Superconductors Enemies hit drop 40% bonus coins if they die within 5 seconds
Overload Every 5th shot stuns enemies for 10 s. and charges first enemy it hits to explode on death with damage of 10% of its max HP (Unlocks at LVL10)
Ultimate Every killed (or severely damaged with Nanoparticles) enemy gives +2s. of double mining speed to miners near this tower.
Powerful PWR x1.1


The Gauss is an exceptionally powerful tower to wield, able to deal significant damage to groups of enemies once properly set up. A single shot can significantly cripple a wave of oncoming enemies, often dealing enough damage to kill a good portion while leaving a few left for supporting towers to clean up. Due to how the tower spreads its high damage shot to enemies in a row, being able to aim a shot down long corridors would help maximize damage absorbed by the oncoming waves.

Unlike most towers however, its unique requirement of consuming resources to fire makes setting up a Gauss both costly and constrained by the map being played. The base cost of the tower, alongside its costly upgrades are the highest base costs of any tower, with that price tag rivaled by the installation costs of an upgraded Miner. The need for a nearby Miner also reveals a second complication, where the only valid bases for this tower only exist around a source tile. This constraint restricts access to invaluable platforms with bonuses.

Due to how difficult it can be to set up a Gauss tower, it would be necessary to set up a strong defense and save up for the set-up.


  • Gauss' base has the same shape as Extractor's, a scrapped tower.
  • Gauss is used as a pointer in the Lucky Shot.
  • Gauss is the only tower which has a 50% effectiveness against Boss enemies.
  • Along with Flamethrower, Laser, and Crusher, Gauss is one of the four towers not present in the first Infinitode game.
  • When the Player rotate the Gauss, it will not rotate when currently reloading, recharging, or waiting for enemy. It will start rotating when it already finished the shot.
  • Gauss was added to the game in the 1.7.12 update.
  • Gauss is the only tower which can apply the 'Bonus Coins' debuff on enemies, using the Superconductors ability.
  • Guass base is also based off the missile base but upside down.

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