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Fighter is an enemy type found in Infinitode 2, where upon destruction divides into 3 small copies of itself, with each having 50% health of the original Fighter.

Upon reaching the base in one piece, it deals 2 points of damage to it. Its smaller copies have a 50% chance to deal 1 damage each.


As the second-last type currently found in the story levels of Infinitode 2, Fighters can very quickly overwhelm a defence that is not well-prepared for a high density of enemies, as each Fighter can hold three new enemies in its wake, albeit each with half the health of the original and unable to divide further.

With its gimmick in mind, the most effective towers would be those with AOE (area-of-effect), as one with this could damage three separate targets at once and increase output threefold as a result. However, every common area-of-effect tower suffers from a damage penalty of some sorts, with Splash, Flamethrower and Laser as the few exceptions to this rule, which makes their performance more balanced given their penalties are made up by sheer density of targets.

Sniper is also granted a damage boost, which seems odd given how poorly it deals against hoards of enemies. With the bonus however, it could be used to start popping Fighters so their children can be released and dealt with more easily by fellow supporting towers.

Tower Effectiveness

Tower Damage
Basic (Tower).pngBasic 25%
Sniper (Tower).pngSniper 150%
Cannon (Tower).pngCannon 50%
Freezing (Tower).pngFreezing 100%
Antiair (Tower).pngAntiair 0%
Splash (Tower).pngSplash 150%
Blast (Tower).pngBlast 50%
Multishot (Tower).pngMultishot 50%
Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun 0%
Venom (Tower).pngVenom 50%
Tesla (Tower).pngTesla 0%
Missile (Tower).pngMissile 50%
Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower 150%
Laser (Tower).pngLaser 100%
Gauss (Tower).pngGauss 150%
Crusher (Tower).pngCrusher 50%


  • Fighters are the second rarest non-boss enemy type found in the levels of Infinitode 2, being included in a totsl of only six levels
    • Light is the rarest enemy, since it is only found in three levels.
  • In the first Infinitode game, there was an enemy called 'Boss' which used the same shape as the Fighter.
  • The Nuke ability used to kill Fighters along with their children prior to version 1.8.0 of the game.
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