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Enemies can have a different amount of health, speed, give a different amount of experience and coins for destruction. Most non-boss enemies deal 1 point of damage to the base.

Different towers are differently effective against different types of enemies. Enemies appear in the game as you open new levels.

Name Icon Features
The very first and easiest enemy, without effects. Has the usual speed. Has complete immunity to Splash.
Fast Fast.png As simple as Regular. Movement speed is 25% faster than normal. Has complete immunity to Missile.
Strong Strong.png Has more health than Fast and Regular. Less vulnerable to cheap towers. Has complete immunity to Multishot.
Heli Heli.png Moves through the air, most of towers can't damage it.
Jet Jet.png Has the same characteristics as Heli, only faster and with less health. Has complete immunity to Freezing.
Armored Armored.png Has an aura that reduces damage taken by nearby units by 50%. Effect of several auras does not add up. Has complete immunity to Tesla.
Healer Healer.png Has an aura of regeneration, which restores 5% of health per second of all allies in radius. The effect of several auras is summed up. Has complete immunity to Flamethrower.
Toxic Toxic.png Starts to restore its health at a rate of 3% per second if it has not been attacked within the last 3 seconds. Has complete immunity to Venom.
Icy Icy.png Has a shield (volume 25% of max. Health), which reduces the damage from direct hits by projectiles by 80% and grants immunity to all crowd control effects. The shield can be destroyed by any kind of damage. Has complete immunity to Laser.
Fighter Fighter.png Divides into 3 smaller copies when killed, each has 50% of health. Has complete immunity to Tesla.
Light Light.png Taking damage gets immunity to this type of damage for 6 seconds, then restores this ability in 4 seconds and can receive a new immunity. Immunity reduces damage by 75%, the type of immunity is indicated by an icon on the enemy.

You can meet bosses at the last level of each storyline stage (1-5).

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