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Enemies can get different effects from towers, skills, and other enemies. Most of the effects affect them negatively (debuffs), but some types of enemies can provide positive effects (buffs).


Give a positive effect to enemies, which makes killing enemies with those effects more complicated.

Buff-health-bar-icon-armor.png Armor

Reduces the damage taken by half. Armored enemy has an aura that adds this buff to enemies nearby except other Armored enemies and itself.

Buff-health-bar-icon-regeneration.png Regeneration

Restores the health of enemies by 5% per second. Healer has an aura that adds this buff to nearby enemies, and Toxic receives this effect (3% HP/s) after not taking any damage for 3 seconds. Healers are unable to heal themselves or other Healers using their aura.


Give a negative effect to enemies, which makes it easier to deal with them. These effects are given by towers and player abilities.

Buff-health-bar-icon-blizzard.png Blizzard

Completely stops enemy for a while, even burning ones. Applies to all enemies on map when using the Blizzard ability. Icy is immune to this effect as long as its shield is up.

Buff-health-bar-icon-bonus-coins.png Bonus coins

Affected enemies will drop more coins when killed. Applied by Gauss' Superconductors ability.

Buff-health-bar-icon-bonus-xp.png Bonus XP

Affected enemies give more experience to towers. Applied by Crusher.

Buff-health-bar-icon-burn.png Burn

Periodically deals fire damage to enemies, cannot stack. Applied by Flamethrower, Minigun and Antiair tower, as well as the Fireball and Firestorm ability. Burning enemies become frozen by Freezing towers 3 times slower. All instances of the freezing effect are also 33% less effective against them. Contrary to a popular belief, burning DOES NOT increase the enemies' movement speed. Heli and Jet move 40% slower while burning. Healer is immune to this effect.

Buff-health-bar-icon-chain-reaction.png Chain reaction

Affected enemies have a chance of spreading all of their buffs / debuffs on death within a short radius and prolonging the effects' duration. Applied by Venom's Ultimate ability.

Buff-health-bar-icon-death-explosion.png Death explosion

Affected enemies will explode when killed, damaging other nearby enemies. Applied by Gauss' Overload ability.

Buff-health-bar-icon-freezing.png Freezing

Slows down movement of enemies. It is applied by Freezing tower, Flamethrower with Cold Fire ability selected and by the Blizzard ability. In Freezing tower's case, the full slowing effect is gradually applied as an enemy continues to be within the tower's range. Enemies can be slowed down by a maximum of 65% using Freezing. Flamethrower tower, however, applies its effect instantly. Flamethrower's Cold Fire Ability applies a 25% (upgradable) slowdown on the enemy. In combination with the Napalm ability, the freezing power increases to 37% (upgradable). Icy is immune to this effect as long as its shield is up.

Buff-health-bar-icon-poison.png Poison

Periodically deals damage from the poison. Enemies can have several stacks of poison at once, but not more than one from each tower. Applied by Venom tower and by Minigun with Foundation and Hot bullets abilities active. Toxic is immune to this effect.

Buff-health-bar-icon-snowball.png Snowball

Completely stops enemy for a few seconds. Enemy gets this effect if it gets hit by a snowball from Freezing tower. Each enemy can only be snowballed 6 times. Icy is immune to this effect as long as its shield is up.

Buff-health-bar-icon-stun.png Stun

Completely stops enemy for a few seconds. It is used by Blast tower and Gauss'  Overload ability. When applied by Blast, the duration of consecutive stuns on a single enemy is decreased by 10% of the max duration. Icy is immune to this effect as long as its shield is up.

Buff-health-bar-icon-blast-throw-back.png Throwback

Pushes enemies towards the portal. Applied by Blast tower's Stopping force ability and the Windstorm ability. Each enemy can only get the throwback effect 3 times.

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