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Daily quests are special maps available over the course of one day. Players have one day to complete the quest to get valuable prizes. The quest changes to a new one at midnight GMT.

Daily quests have several features:

  • Researches and Trophies are not considered, so that all players play in the same conditions
  • Bases on Daily Quest maps have special effects which can significantly change the usual conditions of the game. It is recommended to view the effects of the Base before starting to play
  • Daily quests may allow players to play with towers / miners / modifiers / other features that newer players have not yet discovered. There will be no tutorials, as the daily quests are designed only to test the knowledge and skills of players

Daily leader boards

Each game on the daily map is submitted to the daily leader board, which is reset every day. At the end of the day, top players will get additional special rewards for their rank (1st, 2nd, 3rd, top 3%, 10%, 30%), including Skill Points, which cannot be earned by any other means.

1st: 15,000 Green-papers.png Green Papers, 3x Lucky Shot Token, 3x Purple Chest, 5x Skill points

2nd: 10,000 Green-papers.png Green Papers, 2x Lucky Shot Token, 1x Purple Chest, 4x Skill points

3rd: 7,500 Green-papers.png Green Papers, 2x Lucky Shot Token, 2x Green Chest, 3x Skill points

Top 3%: 5,000 Green-papers.png Green Papers, 1x Lucky Shot Token, 1x Green Chest, 2x Skill points

Top 10%: 2,500 Green-papers.png Green Papers, 1x Lucky Shot Token, 1x Skill point

Top 30%: 1,000 Green-papers.png Green Papers

Player must be updated to the last version of the game, be signed in and have an Internet connection to participate in the daily leader board. All submitted replays are validated by the server, and it may take some time after the end of the day for the server to assign rewards to the winners. Player rewards will then be delivered in the main menu the next time the player enters the game with an internet connection.

In the case where no Internet connection is available, Daily Quests will still be available, but not synchronized with other players, and without participation in the leader board for special rewards like Skill points.

Skill points

The top 10% of players on the daily leader boards for each day will earn Skill Points. The top 3 players with largest amount of total Skill Points earned are always shown in the Daily Quest menu. These points may be required for upcoming features such as submitting custom maps to the Community and/or other future multiplayer features.

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