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Custom maps are available to the player once "Bubble Sort" (formerly called Cuckoo hashing) in the research tree has been researched. Once unlocked, custom maps can be created, edited, played, or deleted.

Custom map creation.png

The player can create custom maps by adding tiles earned from story mode or custom maps themselves. Tiles include:

  • Platforms
  • Roads
  • Sources
  • Spawns and bases
  • Special
  • Sounds

The quality of loot obtained from a custom map depends solely on the difficulty% of the highlighted enemy.

Source tiles in custom maps can be mined to depletion for that game, unlike source tiles in story mode which can yield an unlimited amount of resource in each game.

Custom map editing-0.png

In the custom map editing interface, there are four buttons for tile placement or map panning and six for tile type. The first four button descriptions below are visible by toggling "Show map editor UI hints."

  1. Tap on map tiles to remove them to inventory;
  2. Select tile in inventory and then tap on map to place it;
  3. Drag & drop (pan & zoom is turned off);
  4. Pan & zoom;
  5. Platforms: tiles that may may add effects to towers;
  6. Roads: road tiles that enemies travel on to move towards the base, as well as teleporters and barriers that may impact the path taken;
  7. Sources: tiles that contain varying resources and density;
  8. Spawns and bases: portals that spawn enemies of varying difficulty, and bases with varying gameplay bonuses;
  9. Special: cores and Boss tiles (which affect their presence and scoring); both can be earned through boxes. Used to contain teleporters and barriers, but these are now in Roads.
  10. Sounds: tiles that play soundtracks during gameplay.
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  • Custom maps began to be implemented in Alpha build 14.
    • Custom maps were fully implemented in Alpha build 45.