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Crusher is a short ranged tower with the ability to immediately stop enemies by pulling them off the road and crushing them. It excels at finishing weak enemies. Building and upgrading consecutive Crushers scales in price.

Unique Characteristics

Crusher tower has Bonus experience as its unique characteristic.

Bonus experience determines how much bonus XP is granted to towers for damaging enemies affected by Crusher. For example, if a Sniper tower shoots an enemy affected by Crusher with Bonus experience of 50, the Sniper will gain 50% more XP from that enemy. The Crusher that applied the effect can also benefit from it.

Bonus experience: 30 + 3/Tower Experience Level [%]

Other Characteristics and Mechanics

Crusher has the Duration characteristic, which determines the maximum amount of time (in seconds) each enemy can be held for when grabbed.

Crusher has no attack speed characteristic. Instead, it will fire a claw projectile at enemies in range whenever it is able to fit them inside. Increased capacity allows it to fire multiple claws at once.

First attempt at grabbing an enemy is always successful. Every time an enemy gets grabbed by a Crusher, its chance to get grabbed again is halved. Each enemy can be grabbed by the same Crusher multiple times. Grabbed enemies can still be targeted by other towers.

Crusher is unable to grab bosses, but it can grab Metaphor's creeps and Mobchain's body parts in its second phase.

Main characteristics

Attack speed
Crowd Damage


Projectile speed
Bonus experience

Crusher Tower Stats (not including research, PWR from Exp Levels and Tile Bonuses)

Upgrade Level Range Damage Projectile Speed Duration Upgrade Cost
0 1.2 109 1.2 6.0 42
1 1.2 136 1.4 6.5 63
2 1.3 167 1.5 7.0 115
3 1.3 216 1.5 7.0 210
4 1.4 267 1.6 7.5 300
5 1.4 360 1.7 8.0 420
6 1.4 467 1.7 8.5 850
7 1.5 611 1.8 9.0 1200
8 1.5 792 1.9 9.0 1950
9 1.6 1000 1.9 9.5 3000
10 1.7 1280 2.0 10.0 n/a


XP LVL Ability Description
4/7 Heavy vice Damage x1.4
4/7 Increased capacity Can hold 3 enemies at once
4/7 Careful processing XP bonus x1.5
10 Disorientation Has 5% chance to force an enemy to walk towards a random Portal, dealing damage to enemies on the way (Upgrades with the tower) (unlocks on 10th level)
20 Ultimate Disorientated enemies give 5 coins for each tile they were able to walk, max 300% of enemy's coin value
20 Powerful PWR x1.1


Crusher is a very powerful tower, able to quickly and reliably stop enemies from reaching the base. To prevent the player from building too many of them, the price of building and upgrading increases with each Crusher built.

Contrary to its single-target nature, Crusher deals more damage to enemies that tend to come in large groups (Regular.pngRegular, Fast.pngFast, Toxic.pngToxic, Light.pngLight) and struggles against tougher enemy types (Strong.pngStrong, Armored.pngArmored). This is why Crusher is best placed near the base, where it can finish weak units, since the sooner it kills grabbed enemies, the sooner it can grab new ones. With Ultimate ability, it also generates a lot of coins from disoriented enemies, as they travel all the way back to the portal. Since its range is very short, Crusher should be placed as close to the road as possible.

Enemies grabbed by Crusher can still be targeted by other towers, which further helps it kill held enemies and grab new ones. They also grant more experience, which makes other towers level up faster.

Best tile placement: Damage / Power

Damage directly increases Crusher's damage output, allowing it to chew through enemies faster. Power can be more beneficial if the situation calls for longer holding duration instead of damage. Range can make up for Crusher's short reach, but should not be necessary if the tower is placed right next to the road. If there are no better tiles, Crusher can moderately benefit from Projectile speed, which allows for the claws to reach enemies faster, effectively making them start taking damage sooner. Faster claw speed also allows to grab the same enemies more times, since each failed grab attempt can be followed up by the next one much sooner.

Optimal 2 Abilities: Heavy vice / Increased capacity

Heavy vice directly increases Crusher's damage output, allowing it to chew through enemies faster. It is useful for clearing enemies quickly. The downside is that it leaves disoriented enemies with less health, which makes them deal less damage to other enemies.

Increased capacity is essential in every scenario, as it makes up for Crusher's lack of area damage by allowing it to hold 3 enemies at once. This ability should always be chosen as soon as possible.

Careful processing increases Crusher's Experience bonus characteristic by 50%, which makes grabbed enemies grant even more XP to the towers that damage them. While this ability can be used to quickly level up Crusher or other towers in early game, its effect is not very impactful and requires the Crusher to be placed near a portal, where it is least effective. Highly situational.

Disorientation gives Crusher a small chance to turn grabbed enemies into "zombies", which makes them travel towards the portals and damage other enemies in its way. The damage dealt by disoriented enemies scales with their HP, making this ability very impactful in later waves.


To be added


  • Crusher's sprites were present in the game's files since the earliest beta builds. It was scrapped in early development for requiring too much time to code, but the developer decided to finally introduce this tower in version 1.8.0.
  • Crusher is the only tower with increasing price.
  • Along with Flamethrower, Laser and Gauss, Crusher does not have the attack speed characteristic.
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