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Moves at a speed of 0.65 t/s, becomes invulnerable and creates enemies each 5 seconds on first half of its path. Also creates groups of enemies while becoming invulnerable when its HP drops below 75%, 50% and 25%.

Constructor can always create Regular.pngRegular, Fast.pngFast, and Strong.pngStrong enemies, and will additionally spawn any other types that are spawnable in the current level's portal(s).

Constructor deals 100 points of damage to the base, which usually ends the game immediately.


Constructor is one of the hardest bosses to deal with, due to its invulnerability frames and immunity to crowd control effects. It is critical to eliminate this boss as quickly as possible, since Constructor will spawn more enemies, the longer it stays alive. Sniper (Tower).pngSniper is a great choice against Constructor, being a dedicated single target tower. If the map is small enough, Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun can deal far greater damage. Like other bosses, it takes 90% less damage from abilities. Ability ball lightning.pngBall lightning's damage is further reduced by another 90%, resulting in a pathetic 1% of its normal damage output. Using abilities against Constructor is generally ill-advised, as they cannot outlast or skip the invulnerability frames.


  • Due to the randomness of enemies spawned by Constructor, the levels featuring this boss used to suffer synchronization issues, causing the score visible on the leaderboards to differ from the score gained by the player.
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