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Broot is the first boss appearing in the main campaign. It is not clear what it is supposed to resemble.

Broot has a large amount of health and moves at a low speed of 0.4 t/s. When its health drops below 25%, it goes into a rage for 8 seconds, during which time it moves 30% slower (0.28 t/s), becomes invincible and heals for 50% of the damage taken. Broot deals 100 points of damage to the base, which usually ends the game immediately.


Broot is the easiest boss to deal with. It is a single-unit enemy, which makes single target towers, such as Sniper (Tower).pngSniper and Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun, particularly effective against it. The rage period does not make dealing with the boss noticeably more difficult, but can cement the player's defeat if the boss gets too close to the base. Broot is immune to effects of Freezing (Tower).pngFreezing and Ability-Blizzard.pngBlizzard, but can be knocked back by Blast (Tower).pngBlast and Ability-Windstorm.pngWindstorm. Like other bosses, it takes 90% less damage from abilities. Ability ball lightning.pngBall lightning's damage is further reduced by another 90%, resulting in a pathetic 1% of its normal damage output.

Advinas Dialogue


Before defeating Broot:

Advinas: On this level, you'll meet the first boss.
Advinas: It is slow, heavy and simple, but don't think it'll be easy to deal with him, so be prepared.
Advinas: Destroy it and I'll report to Ensor mainframe about your success. That will get you access to the next stage of levels and towers.
Advinas: I was analyzing your progress and I can say that there's a high chance of success. Can't wait to see what will be opened for us next!

Wave 37:

Ensor Inc.: Few waves left until the boss! Prepare your defence: we need to make it past

After defeating Broot:

Advinas: Finally! A new step in my existence - lots of new opportunities. I've been waiting for it for so long!
Advinas: Ensor framework has given us access to the new stage of levels, but it requires a lot of Green Papers.
Advinas: ...and seems like I found something even more interesting. Let's proceed to the next stage so I can tell you more.


Before defeating Broot:

Advinas: Do you remember the bosses with whom we had to fight earlier? Today we will have the opportunity to see them again.
Advinas: Broot will appear in a few waves!

After defeating Broot:

Advinas: Okay, it was just warming up, further down Stakey.

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