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Armored is an enemy type found in Infinitode 2, being the first type of enemy that supports other surrounding enemy types by blocking 50% of damage dealt to the ally when in close proximity.


Unlike most enemy types in the game, Armored are typically seen accompanying other waves as a secondary "supporter" role, assisting other enemies such as Regular.pngRegular or Strong.pngStrong progress through the current level. Though waves of only Armored can occur, the primary ability of the Armored is to cast buffs to every other enemy in a set radius around itself, causing any incoming damage for the protected enemy to be halved.

Since it is commonly found in groups of other enemies, towers which attack in an area would be preferable. However, most towers which deal well with groups largely suffer from the Armored's own resistances, with single targeting towers having the most luck in having bonus damage or no penalty at all. At its extreme, the Armored has complete immunity to Tesla (Tower).pngTesla, preventing the tower from attacking or even targeting this enemy type. Armored is also immune to the Thunder and Ball lightning abilities.

Of the best options to taking out Armored, Sniper (Tower).pngSniper and Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun have good single-target prowess, making them good to targeting an Armored and taking them out for other splash towers to mop up other arriving enemies. Gauss (Tower).pngGauss also deals increased damage to Armored, but requires Miners to fire and needs the enemies to be lined up. While technically being a single-target tower, Venom (Tower).pngVenom can apply its poison effect to a large group of Armored enemies, which deals deals great damage thanks to a 50% higher damage against them. Surprisingly, Laser (Tower).pngLaser provides area-of-effect attacks while also not suffering from any damage penalty, making it a good choice in Daily Quests.

Freezing (Tower).pngFreezing tower has reduced effectiveness against Armored, slowing it down by 32.5% at most. Blast (Tower).pngBlast, on the other hand, has increased effectiveness against it. While it does not increase its chance to stun, it makes Blast deal devastating damage to Armored. Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower with both Cold fire and Napalm can actually slow them down more effectively than Freezing.

Tower Effectiveness

Tower Damage
Basic (Tower).pngBasic 25%
Sniper (Tower).pngSniper 100%
Cannon (Tower).pngCannon 50%
Freezing (Tower).pngFreezing 50%
Antiair (Tower).pngAntiair 0%
Splash (Tower).pngSplash 25%
Blast (Tower).pngBlast 150%
Multishot (Tower).pngMultishot 25%
Minigun (Tower).pngMinigun 150%
Venom (Tower).pngVenom 150%
Tesla (Tower).pngTesla 0%
Missile (Tower).pngMissile 50%
Flamethrower (Tower).pngFlamethrower 25%
Laser (Tower).pngLaser 100%
Gauss (Tower).pngGauss 150%
Crusher (Tower).pngCrusher 50%


  • Armored was introduced in Beta build 53
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